Bed Bugs in Ellicott City Maryland Can be a Nightmare

by | Oct 19, 2013 | Pest Control

Waking in the morning to find itchy, red welts on your body can be very disconcerting. This can be very bothersome if it occurs several times. It could just be an allergy to bed clothes or detergents. However, it could also be a sign of Bed Bugs Ellicott City Maryland.

Bed bugs are tiny insects that feed on blood. They are wingless, oval shaped bugs that feed during the night. They are attracted to exhaled carbon dioxide and warmth. There saliva contains anesthetics and anticoagulants. This lets them easily and painlessly drink the blood of the host. After several exposures to their saliva, a person may become sensitized to it. This may cause an allergic reaction. This allergic reaction can cause welts and itching.

Bed bugs hide in cracks and crevices of furniture and carpets. They can be very hard to notice. To find them, one must really look into every fold and crease of mattresses and bedding. The first thing to look for is their droppings. It is very tiny and very dark. It can also run like a marker spot would. This can be found the most in areas where they may hide. Rusty or red colored blotches on bedding could be a stain from a bug that was crushed. Eggs and egg shells can be seen, as well. They are usually only 1mm in size and white. Live bed bugs seen is also an indication of an infestation.

If any signs of Ellicott City Maryland Bed Bugs are noticed, it is necessary to take actions to remove them. The first step, of course, is identifying them. Once bed bugs are confirmed, actions need to be taken. By contacting a company that provides extermination, they can assist you with the removal process. The first step is to remove all clutter and bedding from the infested areas. The pest control company can identify all areas the bugs are nesting. They can administer pesticides that will kill off the bugs. They can even give recommendations on how to remove any bugs from untreatable items, such as bedding. A pest control company can give great advice on how to prevent another infestation.

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