Critical Tips for Basement Remodeling, Mechanicsburg PA

by | Mar 11, 2013 | Remodeling

If you are in need of extra living space, then the attic or the backyard may not be the best options for you. The basement presents the best alternative for gaining extra living space in modern homes. It is a prime remodeling option for most property owners. Most people use the basement as their main storage area. One of the most cost effective ways of adding square footage to any house is basement remodeling. The cost of remodeling a basement with all features apart from skylights is actually 10 to 15 percent the total cost of having an all-new addition. The important thing is to think of the basement as just another additional living space.

Earth or soil makes the outer embankment that surrounds most basements. This means that the surrounding earth remains at a constant temperature throughout the year. As such, these rooms are usually cooler than those rooms that are above ground. During winter, cold winds do not hit the walls and there is limited air infiltration. Any competent Basement Remodeling, Mechanicsburg PA contractor will tell you that the thick concrete foundations keep these spaces quiet. This makes them ideal for functions such as kids’ playroom, home office, customized shower, exercise area, guest space and saunas. Basements are also ideal for shooting pool, throwing darts, unwinding and playing ping-pong.

The dark characteristics of most basements also make them ideal for home theaters, wet bars or kitchenettes. You can also undertake basement remodeling with the sole purpose of coming up with a place where your teenagers can hang out.

This makes it easier to keep a tab on them. Basement remodeling comes with several advantages. Most basements are out-the-way-areas and have their own entrances. As such, the contractor and his/her team do not interfere with your day-to-day life unless it is necessary. These spaces also have the necessary infrastructure such as conduits, ducts and pipes already in place. There are no changes to the original structure of the house. The roofline and the house walls remain unchanged. The mess that accompanies most remodeling projects remains in the basement until the work is over. There is no spilling of dirt and dangerous construction materials around the compound.

However, the task also has its challenges such as low ceilings, small windows and structural columns. An interesting fact about basement remodeling, Mechanicsburg PA is the simple fact that the job is 30 percent over even before the contractor picks his/her hammer. Planning is important since you do not want to undertake remodeling after every few years. When installing windows, it is important to remember to install egress windows as well as two exit options. Most local building codes require that basements have egress windows that can fit a firefighter in full gear in the event of a fire.


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