Factors To Consider When Buying Granite Countertops For Use In The Kitchen

by | Feb 13, 2013 | Construction and Maintenance

Homeowners renovate at all times and there is no telling what material they will use. There are again so many reasons why these renovations are carried out and one of them is to increase the value of the home for resale reasons. There are many firms that deal with granite countertops in Naples FL and this means that all one needs to do as they buy the countertops is know what to look for to purchase the best. In most cases, these countertops are used in the kitchen and this article discusses what one needs to look for when they visit a shop that sells granite countertops in Naples FL.

The color of the granite

Granite is available in a range of colors and this is why one needs to take their own tastes to mind. In as much as the kitchen is a very functional area, it also serves a decor role in the house and as one buys the granite countertops in Naples FL, they should make sure that the color will not clash with the interior decor. Doing this leads to a well balanced interior decor making the house look beautiful. In the case where the countertops are to be the main communicators of the decor, then one can comfortably select any color as any other thing to be added to the kitchen will have to matchthe color of the granite.

The thickness of the granite

Granite countertops in Naples, FL will come with either a thickness of 2cm or 3cm. Both of these dimensions have advantages and disadvantages. To start with, the thinner granite is very delicate and is susceptible to break when being installed. This makes it necessary to reinforce them with some other material for support purposes. However, once it is installed it works just as well. On the other hand, the thicker countertop is better when it comes to the communication of the theme colour and one does not have to reinforce them with anything else. As one might expect with these two dimensions, the thicker granite will be more expensive than the thinner one but it is relatively easy to find a store selling granite countertops in Naples, FL at a good price. It is always important to take time in researching where the best prices are available as this means getting good quality granite at a good price.

The quality of the countertops

When buying granite countertops in Naples, FL, one cannot afford to overlook the issue of quality. This is because there are dealers who sell fake granite and they have to be avoided. To determine how genuine the granite countertops in Naples, FL are, one can moisten a piece of cotton wool with nail varnish and rub it on the surface of the countertop. Should the colour of the granite be left on the cotton wool, it means that the granite is not genuine and one should look for another granite countertops in Naples FL dealer. Once the quality has been ascertained, the countertop can be bought.

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