French Sliding Doors: A New Take on a Classic

by | Jun 3, 2013 | Home Improvement

French doors are a classic staple of stunning home design. They provide a unique, elegant touch to any entryway. From the patio to the master bedroom, the addition of French doors can truly transform any space. French doors often pose a very distinct problem, however: double doors means double the open floor space needed every time the doors swing open and closed. The solution? French sliding doors.

Maximum Style, Minimum Space
Often, French doors stay open more often than they are closed. This is especially true of interior double doors that separate large, open spaces such as living rooms and dining rooms. Open swinging doors end up banging against walls, getting in the way, or knocking things over that get in their patch. French sliding doors provide a refreshing alternative, though. Whether open or closed, they take up an absolute minimum floor space. Additionally, they can even be installed as pocket doors so that the opened door completely disappears inside the wall.

The Beauty of Glass
Beautiful glass is just as important as a beautiful door frame, especially when you’re talking about French doors. With swinging doors, though, double doors slamming against each other or against walls can damage the glass and of course, you will always be seeing myriad handprints as people push or pull the doors open or shut. French sliding doors glide effortlessly along their track, eliminating the danger of glass panes that slam and break. Plus, it takes only a finger to move these sliding doors, so you won’t constantly be cleaning hand prints off the glass.

A Lasting Investment
When one swinging French door is damaged or starts to stray from its hinges, both doors become unusable because they rely on each other to close. With sliding doors, each door stays perfectly in line and on track, meaning they will always come to a silent, secure close against each other and stay functioning perfectly for many years to come.

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