Getting Rid of St Paul Bed Bugs

by | Apr 29, 2013 | Pest Control

Though a nuisance, bed bugs do not cause diseases that can be transmitted from one host to the next. They do live on hosts that are either human or animal. If you are plagued with an infestation of bed bugs you will be able to see adult bed bugs because they are about the size of apple seeds. Nymphs, the term used to describe baby bed bugs, are a little smaller and may be hard to see. Beyond seeing them, there are other signs that your bed my bed home to an infestation of St Paul Bed Bugs. If you suspect that you have bed bugs the best remedy for the problem is to contact a professional and allow them to exterminate your home.

One of the first steps in the process of getting rid of bed bugs is assessing the situation. The exterminator will likely ask you to describe the symptoms you are experiencing to get a first-hand account of exactly what is going on in your home. The exterminator may ask you to place all furniture in one central location and remove all switch plates because these items can be home to St Paul Bed Bugs. If you are asked to do this prior to St Paul Exterminators coming, go ahead and do this to prevent delaying the process. A combination of steam and chemicals will likely be used so you may want to move animals and small children away from the exterminator while he is working.

After the extermination process is over and you are sure you have gotten rid of St Paul Bed Bugs you want to take extra care to reduce the instance of bringing these pests back to your home again. When you travel and sleep overnight in hotels, spray the mattress with disinfectant insecticides. Insecticide spray will kill a variety of pests like fleas, lice, ticks and bed bugs. You also want to make sure that when you unpack; you place your clothes directly in the washer and dry them thoroughly because heat will kill any bed bugs that survive the wash if it is at least 113 degrees. It is important to be diligent if you feel that you have bed bugs or have been exposed to bed bugs. Call an exterminator to ensure that you minimize their impact.

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