Getting your Bathroom Remodeling Done in San Antonio

by | Oct 22, 2018 | Home Improvement Tips

Whether you like it or not, your bathroom is the place where you will spend some time in solitude yourself. Whether taking a shower, lying in the tub or sitting on the ‘throne of thought’, this is the only place you will have all the time to yourself and where you can be your true self. Because of this, your bathroom needs to be a place where you can feel safe, comfortable and at ease and total bliss. There are many bathroom remodeling experts in San Antonio who can help your achieve this.

The main purpose of the remodeling should be to enhance convenience, safety, comfort and aesthetics. Depending upon the space available, you can have all or some of the above installed. Let’s take a look at some of the essentials.

     *     Flooring: The flooring should be made of material that is smooth and shiny yet not slippery. The material should also be durable and visually attractive. The ideal material for bathroom flooring is tile because it easy to maintain, tough and not easily and breakable, and comes in many beautiful colors and patterns.

    *     Countertops: Bathroom countertop is the place where you will spend at least half an hour each day washing your hands and face, brushing your teeth, shaving or simply staring at the mirror at yourself. When remodeling, the different types of countertops you can choose from include granite, marble, travertine and prefab.

    *     Shower: Bathroom shower should be functional and convenient. It should be placed in a separate compartment inside the bathroom so that water will not wet the floor of the entire bathroom and make it slippery. Some of the ideal materials for shower stall are fiber glass, acrylic, tempered glass and granite.

    *     Commode: The commode is your “throne of thought”; it is the central piece of your bathroom. It should be functional, convenient and comfortable. It should be placed either in a separate compartment or kept apart from the sink, shower, bathtub and washing machine. There are a variety of commodes you can choose from such as round, oval and horseshoe.

    *     Sink: Replace the sink and your bathroom will get a new look because the sink is perhaps the most conspicuous and the most used component of the bathroom. Some of the different types of sinks that you can choose from include self-rimming sink, under mount sink, pedestal sink, vessel sink, console sink, vanity sink and even wall sink.

    *     Bathtub: This is where you will spend many cozy hours submerged in soapy warm water. It should be along one wall and separate from the commode, shower and sink. Bathtubs are made of acrylic, enamel, cast iron, fiberglass, steel or wood.

Bathroom remodeling requires professionals who are not difficult to find in San Antonio. If you have extra space, you can even have flower plants, a cabinet for magazines and pictures, posters and wall hangings. These add to the aesthetics of the bathroom and make it a place you can spend hours in total bliss.

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