How to Find the Best Masonry Designer for Any Project

The type of brick and other masonry items used on or around a building directly determines not only the aesthetic success of a project, but also its structural integrity. Throughout the centuries, masonry work was regarded as one of the finest skills to master. While modern construction methods don’t rely on masonry items and techniques to build homes, its use on home exteriors and in landscaping designs is growing by the day.

The use of brick and other stones to build and decorate building dates back nearly 10,000 years; however, many scholars claim its use in creating shelters is much older than physical evidence suggests. Due to the strength and design flexibility of masonry items, modern day homes and business are turning to it to enhance building stability and beauty. However, much like any other element in today’s construction industry, choosing the Best Masonry designer is far easier said than done.

Outside of providing sturdy facades and structural support for buildings, masonry is used as a means of creating beautiful and unique outdoor elements. For example, it’s not uncommon to see masonry on patios, driveways, retaining walls, walkways or even as an outdoor kitchen. With its immense flexibility in use and appearance, professional masonry design has become a booming industry. However, much like any other industry that’s experiencing growth, for every professional masonry designer there are at least two unprofessional designers claiming to produce “stellar” quality work. To ensure the best designer is hired, property owners must seek a service that meets several standards.

The first of these standards is a designer who’s well-trained within the art of masonry design and construction. Along with landscape design training, only select a masonry artist that features certification from The Mason Contractors Association of America or the American Concrete Institute. While the aforementioned are leading organizations in this industry, there are many other certifying organizations capable of certifying masons. As a rule of thumb, only work with a masonry service with demonstrated experience within this field.

The next standard one should look for is a designer’s ability to listen and implement client desires. Much like any other form of landscape design, masonry designers must excel at absorbing client expectations and infusing them with their own creative ideas. Lastly, the Best Masonry design service is one with proven experience. Only hire a designer with a lengthy portfolio that showcases a variety of designs and skills. For latest updates follow us on Google+.