Keep Your Lawn Healthy and Beautiful With Lawn Spraying in Ft. Lauderdale

by | Feb 5, 2014 | Pest Control

With all the time and money that people in Ft. Lauderdale invest in their homes it only makes sense for them to consider the outside as well. Of course, many folks like to handle these chores themselves, but not everyone has the tools or the time to deal with some of the more difficult aspects of yard care such as fertilizing the grass or Lawn Spraying in Ft. Lauderdale. Other difficult jobs include pruning trees and shrubs and even fungus and disease control. By having an external contractor handle these difficult chores you protect yourself from hazardous chemicals while keeping your lawn looking beautiful.

Maintaining a perfectly green lawn can be a tedious chore with applying fertilizer, seed and proper pest control. Once the seed and fertilizer are in place the grass can grow and fill the yard with a pleasant carpet just waiting to be cut, but the work isn’t over yet. Of course, grass is only one aspect of a beautiful lawn with flowers, shrubs and trees filling in the rest. Maintaining the health of these precious plants requires numerous chores such as weeding, pruning and thinning as well as Lawn Spraying in Ft. Lauderdale. To ensure a happy and healthy lawn your plants may also need proper pest control as well as fungus and disease control. To ensure that weeds stay out of walkways or other paths your lawn may require the application of weed control and herbicides.

Beautifying a lawn isn’t only about the things you keep out, it is just as important to preserve and care for the things you keep in. Proper tree and shrub care includes pruning and shaping the plants you want in your lawn while removing the ones that are intruding. This may include sapling trees or spreading bushes as well as thinning flower beds and removing old perennials. Protecting flowers can be just as difficult as as the grass with specific types of pests preferring certain kinds of plants. Applying the wrong type of chemical could be just as deadly to the plant as the problem you are trying to eliminate. You can easily ensure your yard is the envy of the neighborhood by simply allowing a contractor such as Bates Exterminating to handle the difficult task while you sit back and bask in the beauty.


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