Know About Your Roofing Options

As a homeowner, you should know that different types of roofs exist. Modern manufacturers make residential and commercial roofs that resist decades of rain and hail. There is a broad range of shingles that come in different colors and designs. One material like slate can be made to resemble other materials. Learn all your Roofing Norman options before you jump into a project.

Asphalt is the best known material used on a roof. It is affordable and comes in countless styles. People in need of new looks should choose slate and clay roofs, which are durable and last for 100 years. Southwestern homes use these roofs distinctively. The material is designed for strong homes. Metal is a material that is strong, reflective and resistant to fire. It is the longest lasting type that looks good after decades. Steel is the most commonly used one. Many metal products are made with recyclable metal.

A wood roof looks stylish and elegant on any home. The variety is extensive because hundreds of species exist. Cedar shingles are durable and resistant to pests. Cedar resists strong winds and storms. However, some wood types are less resistant to fire and water. Have your wood stained or finished to extend its lifespan. Also, bamboo wood is a fine material that Asians have used for centuries. It is a plant that cannot be damaged like wood. The plant does not rot and fade away as easily. Bamboo roofing has a genuine Asian look that suits many houses.

Eco-friendly options are being designed nowadays. An eco roof is energy efficient and properly insulated. During the hot or cold months, the roof provides the best temperatures for home residents. Another form of an eco roof is created out of natural or recycled materials.

Cut out the repair and maintenance costs by installing a popular material that has been used before. Notice the different Roofing Norman choices available, and make sure that the roof matches the rest of the house. Lengthen the surface by applying special coatings. Install your favorite type of roof as long as it is durable and long lasting.

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