Mold Treatment Services In Ashburn, VA Improve The Health Of The Building

by | Oct 23, 2019 | Pest Control

There is such a thing as a sick building. A building that has poor air quality and includes mold growth can make the occupants sick with a variety of health problems. Mold is everywhere in the world, but when it is in abundance within a building, it is difficult to remove. Mold spores can travel through the ventilation system and affect every area of a building. The only way to rid a building of mold is by having Mold Treatment Services in Ashburn VA performed as quickly as possible.

Mold develops in a building after a water event. The water event could be sudden like a broken pipe or a slow leak from a toilet or faucet. Within 48 to 72 hours after a water event, mold can develop.


An individual does not have to have a mold allergy to feel the effects of the mold. Anyone can be negatively affected by sneezing and sniffling. The longer a person is exposed to mold, the worse the symptoms can get. Long-term exposure could lead to acid reflux, dizziness, hearing loss, memory loss, and breathing difficulties.

Mold Only Grows In The Basement

Many individuals believe that mold only grows in a basement, but that is not true. Mold can grow anywhere there is moisture and organic material for it to feed on. It can be found behind walls throughout a home, under the refrigerator, in a bathroom or a mattress. Even if an individual thinks it’s only a little bit of water that entered an area, it can create mold and be a problem.

Removing Mold

Mold mitigation and treatment by a company that performs Mold Treatment Services in Ashburn VA is necessary. A homeowner should never attempt to remove the mold because areas could be missed, and mold spores can travel through the air. An experienced mold remediation expert will inspect the home and determine all the locations of the mold. They protect unaffected areas of the home from being infected with the mold spores.

If your home or business has water problems, there’s a good chance you have a mold problem. Please feel free to Visit Pest Management Services and learn more about the services that are offered for this problem. You can also connect them on Facebook.

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