Professional and Talented Landscapers in Mendham, NJ

by | Oct 25, 2013 | Landscaping Outdoor Decorating

Landscapers in Mendham, NJ understand the challenge they are presented. The climate can bring extreme cold and extreme heat. The winters may have snow, freezing rain or be dry and cold. These variables can make it challenging to keep yards looking as lush and beautiful as many homeowners expect.

Without a beautiful yard even the best maintained house on the block can lose value. Landscaping is the first thing people will notice about a home. Curb-appeal is important, not just when reselling a home, but to the homeowner themselves. There can be no better feeling than pulling into a beautifully landscaped yard at the end of a long day.

Beautiful landscaping does not just happen. It starts with a good plan. A landscaper must have the vision to plot our where everything should be and how it will all work together. The correct grass, flowers, trees and plants must be chosen for the climate and accented with the right accessories to maximize their beauty.

Once designed it has to be maintained. This involves the right amount of watering, including how it can be accomplished year-round even when the homeowner is away. Maintenance also includes proper fertilizing and feeding and effective pest control.

A good landscaper will work with the homeowner to create a look that gets noticed, but is also functional for the family who lives there. It should be seen as an asset to the house and not just another chore to care for.

The top choice of professional Landscapers in Mendham, NJ is Bednar Landscape Services. They are a full service landscaping company that can help lead you through the concept phase all the way through to regular upkeep.

They also offer services for every season of the year. They can perform spring and fall clean-ups, seasonal plantings, mulching and more. They specialize in developing tranquil and aesthetically pleasing outdoor living spaces. They can design and create patios areas, outdoor kitchens and relaxing fireplaces.

If you are interested in finding out more or seeing where their creativity can take your yard, call them today. They can provide you with a free estimate for any of their services.

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