Should You Undergo Air Duct Cleaning In Westchester County NY?

There are a number of sources for dust and pollutants in your home; cooking, cleaning, smokers all add to exposure to contaminants in the home which add to discomfort. An often overlooked source of contamination is furnace and air conditioning ducts and periodically air duct cleaning in Westchester County NY should be called in.

Calling for air duct cleaning in Westchester County NY is of particular importance if you spot any substantial mold growth in or around the insides of the metal ductwork or any other part of your HVAC system. The reasons for calling on professionals are straight forward. The bulk of your ducting is not visible to the human eye, duct cleaners can find the mold but you must insist on seeing it yourself because there are substances that may look like mold but are harmless. The duct cleaners usually work in co-operation with a lab that can make the determination and its money well spent. You can almost be assured that the problem is mold if the duct insulation is wet. If this is the case the insulation will need to be removed, the source of water found and eliminated and new insulation installed. During this process air duct cleaning in Westchester County NY can be accomplished.

You will definitely require air duct cleaning in Westchester County NY if evidence of vermin is found. Rat droppings, insect infestation are all valid reasons for duct cleaning.

If you find that an excessive amount of dirt, dust or other airborne debris blows from your registers there is a good chance the ducting is clogged.

For any of these conditions to exist in your home there must be a reason. It may very well turn out that air duct cleaning in Westchester County NY needs to be done but prior to that the reason for this must be determined otherwise the problem will reoccur. In many cases the problem is a dirty heating or cooling unit that is the source of the duct contaminates. The cooling coils, the fan and heat exchanger should be clean, they not only have an effect on the ductwork, and they will have a longer operating life if kept clean and certainly result in energy savings.

One thing is for sure, duct cleaning will not have a detrimental effect if it is done correctly. Air duct cleaning in Westchester County NY needs to be done professionally by people with all the right equipment, tools and methods. Duct cleaning is especially advantageous if you have a wood burning or coal burning stove, the amount of soot buildup can become quite substantial and if left dirty is a major cause of carbon monoxide poisoning.

To best prevent the ingress of contaminates you must insure that the entire system is well secured, that is the best way of preventing contamination.