The Do-It-Yourself Draw Of Timber Frame Construction

by | May 14, 2012 | Construction and Maintenance

The use of timber frames in Georgia holds particular attraction for men and women who enjoy the thought of constructing a home from the ground up and who appreciate the feelings of pride and accomplishment that accompany the feel of wood and tools within their hands.

The timber frame construction of homes and other buildings is characterized by the historic and traditional use of posts and beams to support the building. Heavy timbers are used to support the weight of each other and other building materials and to reinforce the protection offered by the home from outside elements. Rather than piecing together framed sections constructed by two-by-fours, large posts, sometimes measuring twelve inches square are connected with mortise and tenon joints. These joints are then reinforced with strong diagonal braces. The sight of so many older buildings still standing strong is a testament to the sturdy qualities of this building style.

Whether the do-it-yourself builder wishes to cut their own trees for construction or prefers to order carefully chosen and constructed beams and posts, the style of timber frames in Georgia lends itself well to a personal home building project. Consider the different time investments required from fashioning a few strong posts or several cut up two-by-fours. Then continue the math while considering the time necessary to attach the pieces to each other. One twenty foot wall section built of timber framing can be completed within much less time than the same wall will require when built out of two-by-fours and wallboard.

It is true that beauty is a matter of opinion, but to the do-it-yourself craftsperson, timber frames in Georgia have a special attraction. The warmth and cozy atmosphere of the timber frame accented by a carefully constructed fireplace or lovingly designed glass window work of art are a tremendous accomplishment, representing the loving work that went into the design and the strength of the hands that built the home. The visible presence of the timbers serves as a continuous reminder of the moments and memories that accumulated throughout the building process.

Imagine the feelings of pride and accomplishment enjoyed by a do-it-yourself builder within a home of timber frames in Georgia surrounded by the force of winds or weather outside. The sturdy structure created by a timber frame is stronger and more durable than homes built from two-by-fours and nails. This construction style may withstand the forces of man and nature for hundreds of years.

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