What you need to know about Steel recycling in Atlantic County

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Virtually all types of metal products can be recycled into new useful products. Recycling of metals helps to conserve the environment and reduce energy consumption. If you do not require your old piece of machinery or aged stainless steel, you can sell them off and make good money. Numerous scrap metal dealers and merchants offer Steel Recycling Atlantic County services.

Top tips on how to sell your stainless steel containers.

Make sure that you are selling your stainless steel products to a reputable dealer. They will offer a good price for them. Do not sell blindly to the first buyer just because you are desperate for money. Take your time, consult several scrap metal dealers, and sell to the dealer who offers you the best price. American Recycling is a trusted scrap metal dealer who has been in the industry for several years.

Negotiation price: Compare the prices offered by different firms, this is crucial in decision making.

Location: Ensure that the company you have chosen is within your vicinity to avoid incurring transport cost or the company should cater for transport service.

Facts about Steel recycling Atlantic County service

Americans use approximately 100 million cans everyday.

Unlike other products, steel can be recycled numerous times.

Steel industry is the only industry that recycles itself its production equipment are also eventually recycled.

2500 pounds of iron ore are saved using one ton of steel

How to recycle steel cans

Aerosol cans should be emptied and the plastic nozzle and top removed before recycling.

Paint tins; the contents should be emptied and the lid removed. If you prefer rinsing the can, use the dishwater and not the fresh water.

Chemical tins; cans with chemicals remaining are considered very hazardous therefore, they cannot be recycled.

Benefits of Steel recycling Atlantic County service

  • Slows the consumption of natural resources.
  • Adds employment opportunities.
  • Energy conservation.
  • Raw material saving.
  • Carbon traces reduction by reducing green house emissions.
  • Few landfills.
  • Helps families save money.
  • Reduces environmental damaged brought about by mining activities.
  • Reduces air pollution by 86%
  • Increases energy saving by 74%
  • Reduction of water consumption by 40%
  • Reduction of consumer waste by 105%
  • Reduction of mining wastes by 97%

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