3 Ways to Know You’re in Need of Washing Machine Repairs in Lincoln, NE

by | Feb 14, 2020 | Appliances

Modern-day appliances can make daily life so much easier and convenient. However, when appliances that you depend on suddenly stop working, your life can be interrupted just a tad. If your washing machine has been giving you trouble, here are some signs that it may be time to call a professional.

Excessive Noise

While you might expect your washing machine to make some type of noise while it is operating, excessive noise may be cause for alarm. Keep in mind that if you are washing items, such as a pair of sneakers, you can surely expect to hear lots of knocking and loud noise. However, if you find that washing light items, such as socks or undergarments cause a ruckus, then you may need to schedule washing machine repairs in Lincoln, NE.

Drum Not Filling

If you notice that your drum is not filling up completely, even when you have your settings on large, try checking your hose connection. You may have a slight kink in the line which can be causing a delay in the water filling up, or your water valves may not be completely opened.

Machine Won’t Cut On

You can try checking your breaker box to see if the switch was tripped. However, if this checks out and your machine still won’t turn on, then you should call a professional about washing machine repairs in Lincoln, NE. A technician will be able to really get in there and see if the issue is an electrical one.

While many of the issues you may experience with your washing machine can be easy fixes, there are some things you should not attempt to do yourself. For instance, when it comes to anything dealing with electricity, these issues should be handled by a professional. For more information, visit All Appliance Service

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