4 Signs You Need Termite Control in Maryland

Residents of Maryland may experience issues with termites at some point or another. Due to high levels of moisture in the area, termites are a common problem that many have to deal with. People may be able to determine when they have a problem, which can help stop it at an early stage. Here are 4 signs homeowners may need to consider Termite Control in Maryland.

Bubbled Paint : One common sign that termites are in the home is to find bubbled paint on the walls and doors. This is often found on baseboards and dry wall. The termites have been eating through the wood from the inside, causing the bubbled look on the outside. It may also look

Swarmers : Some termites have wings. These are known as swarmers. If a homeowner finds a group of swarmers in their house, it is because they are trying to find a good location to start a new colony. Another indication that they are around is simply to find clusters of wings that have fallen off the insects.

Wood-Colored Droppings: As termites eat through wood, they produce wood-colored droppings. This is known as frass. If any frass is found in the home, it means there is a colony of termites nearby that are well fed. They have probably been there for a while and have caused significant damage to the foundation of the home.

Wood Sounds Hollow: When termites have been eating the house from the inside out, it will cause a hollow sound to be created if the wood is tapped. If homeowners suspect there may be termites in the home, perhaps because they have found some of the signs, they can go through and tap different sections to find any hollow spots. These are the areas where the termites have likely been feasting.

Once any of these signs have been detected, it is important the homeowner calls termite control right away. Termite Control in Maryland can determine whether it is truly termites in the home. They will assess the situation and decide what the best course of action is to get rid of the pesky insects that have been causing damage.