5 Types of Damage Your Commercial Roof Might Be Hiding

Commercial buildings often have large, flat roofs. This can offer benefits like additional storage space, ease of installation for HVAC systems, and more. But it can also make for easily damaged roofs.

Here are just some of the problems you might experience with your commercial roofing in Milwaukee, WI:

Water Pooling

Heavy rain or snow often leads to pooling water on flat roofs. Roofs built quickly and without forethought given to this issue are often constructed without means for drainage. This means that water is left to stand in collected pools and can quickly cause rotting and other types of damage.

Ice Dams

Just as standing water can cause damage, so too can standing ice. When water collects on a roof and freezes, this water can create ice dams. These dams prevent normal movement of melting ice and water, which can cause snow, ice, and water to build up further. Before long, that adds up to water damage and can even result in cracks and tears to roofing material.


Even if you do not experience pooling water, standing ice, or other problems, roofing does wear down over time. This makes the roof less resistant to water damage – and more prone to leaks.

Damage from Animals

Large roofs – especially flat roofing – can become home to animals. This is especially common in large cities or in areas where buildings are close to trees and other natural features. Animals making nests or moving around on roofing can damage the materials that would otherwise keep water, ice, and other issues from causing structural compromise.

Tar or Gravel Damage

On many commercial buildings, roofing is constructed with materials like gravel and tar. This helps to make the roof stronger and more resilient. If these materials are displaced or damaged, though, it can lead to major problems. Damage to gravel or tar can mean leaks, weakened roofing, and overall lapses in structural integrity.

If you suspect any of these issues in your building’s roof, be sure to speak to a roofing professional promptly. You may be able to patch the problem, but some issues require a full roof replacement – especially if left unchecked.

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