Air Conditioning Service in Oklahoma City, OK to Improve Indoor Air Quality

by | Jun 27, 2019 | Air Conditioning

Have you ever thought about investigating the indoor air quality inside your property? If not, now is the time to do it because unless you get a regular air conditioning service in Oklahoma City, OK you could be breathing in dust particles, dog hair, pollen and mold spores. Over time, poor air quality can really affect health and this is why you should contact a local company for an air conditioning service in Oklahoma City, OK. If you currently suffer with asthma or if you have children, the chances of developing a respiratory condition are higher. To banish those indoor allergens and pollutants, learn about the benefits of an air conditioning service.

Radon and Asbestos

With an air conditioning service in Oklahoma City, OK, radon and asbestos contaminants can be removed from the air for good. You may not realize it but these are actually long-term risk pollutants that if not banished, could cause your health to deteriorate. When asbestos begins to break down it releases harmful particles into the atmosphere. It can be hard to avoid inhaling these and when you do, the particles will remain inside the lungs for decades. There is a high chance of cancer developing when asbestos is inhaled, as well as radon, which is an odorless gas.

Gases and Biological Agents

There are lots of different gases floating around the atmosphere, particularly inside the home. You might not even realize they are there but with an air conditioning service in Oklahoma City, OK you can reduce the risks of a problem. One of the most dangerous gases is carbon monoxide, which is also known as the ‘silent killer’. Carbon monoxide was given this name because of its odorless, colorless form. When inhaled a person will be unable to breathe properly and could suffocate. Did you know that dust, mold and animal dander can also damage your health? These biological agents can cause allergic reactions in people of all ages.

Microbes and Mycotoxins

Microbes and mycotoxins can also cause indoor air quality to worsen and the results from scientific studies show that mycobacterium tuberculosis is the most common type of microbe to pollute indoor spaces. Mycobacterium tuberculosis is linked with Legionnaire’s Disease, but this microbe can be expelled from the air when you hire a heating contractor for an air conditioning service. When it comes to mycotoxins, which are normally caused by fungus and mold inside a property, symptoms can range from mild to severe. Once your heating device has been serviced you should focus on keeping the floors fresh, avoiding smoking indoors and testing for radon to prevent indoor air quality problems in the future.

Indoor allergens can be just as annoying as outdoor allergens, so why not improve air quality and get an air conditioning service in Oklahoma City, OK from ClimaTech Heat and Air.

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