All About Carpet Tile In Tucson

Do your research on carpet tile in Tucson to determine if the roll or the tile works for you. Carpet tiles are used popularly in commercial installations but are gaining popularity for residential installs as well. Carpet tile is a square tile with easier installation procedure. It takes lesser time and fewer tools to place the tiles on the floor. They can be used for any room and work well in low and high traffic areas.

Carpet Tile
Carpet Tile

Style and design of a carpet tile in Tucson

You can get a variety of options in color and style with carpet tiles. You can even mix different tiles to create a custom look. It definitely adds uniqueness to the space.

As with the carpet varieties, carpet tile in Tucson are available in different sizes, fibers, cuts or piles, manufacturer’s brands and adhesives. If there is a carpet that you really like, you can probably find a carpet tile of the same style. There are many different options of carpet backing material available including vinyl, fiberglass, urethane, woven polypropylene, recycled vinyl and many more. Manufacturer’s warranty is as important as the backing material as it protects you against the tile getting shrunk, curled or buckled. These problems are an eyesore to the carpet tile installation and will need to be replaced.

Installation and cost of carpet tile in Tucson

Make sure that the install surface or sub-floor is smooth and clean. Locate the center of the floor as the installation of the carpet tile begins from the center. Use chalk lines to locate the center of the floor. Apply carpet tape around the room and over the chalk lines. Create the pattern with the carpet tile first without adhering the tiles to the sub-floor. Once your complete pattern is created and laid out, remove the paper backing and press it firmly. You can also cut the tiles to fit at the edges with a sharp utility knife.

The cost of a carpet tile in Tucson depends upon style, quality, cut and fiber and can vary from few cents to $6-7 per square foot. You can do the installation yourself and keep few tiles at hand for future replacement of stained, worn or damaged tiles.

Pros and cons of installing a carpet tile in Tucson


Ease of installation – There are do-it-yourself kits available that make it simple with instructions, and tiles measurement for the installation.

Ease of maintenance – Only the tile that is stained or torn can be removed, cleaned or repaired and then replaced back without replacing the entire floor.

Makes you an artist by allowing you to mix and match tile designs and colors and create a custom look.


Seams are more easily visible. Carpet tiles are less durable than standard carpet. The edges are prone to curl or buckle. They are not moisture resistant and are cost more than carpet rolls.