Bathroom Remodeling in Naples FL Can Be Energy Efficient And Beautiful

by | Dec 6, 2018 | Bathroom Decorating

Bathroom Remodeling in Naples FL serves a number of purposes. It can give you added space or help you make the most of the space you have. It will add beauty to you home and increase the value of it. Unfortunately, it can also be expensive, depending on the extent of the improvement. There is a way to have the improvement pay for itself over time and that is to have it be as energy efficient as possible. Heating costs are a major part of any home-owners’ budget so savings will add up quickly.

Most heat or air conditioning efficiency is lost through improper insulation and small cracks. Floors that are poorly insulated can cost you a lot of money. Cracks at the bottom of the doorway will allow heat to escape. These issues can be elevated by using rugs and draft dodgers. Windows are another matter. Escaping energy is not as obvious and people sometimes don’t even think about it. It is easy to spot a completely failing seal because your windows fog up and build condensation between the panes. Seals can also become loose without any indication and that can cost you a small fortune before you realize it is even happening. Small cracks in the frame also add to the problem.

New windows should be a part of any Bathroom Remodeling in Naples FL to increase efficiency. Some places will do an energy audit to give you a better idea your particular situation. You need not sacrifice beauty to save money on energy expenditures. Windows come in a variety of shapes, sizes, styles and there is sure to be some that suit you. There are also others such as Bay windows, casement windows and double hung windows. Any of these installed properly can beautify your bathroom and ensure that it is energy efficient.

Some companies do offer financing to help with initial remodeling costs. Some do not. It may be worth it to you to find one that can offer affordable pricing and low interest financing. Who knows? The savings from energy efficient windows may be enough to make small loan payments. Whatever works for you and you family’s budget, enjoy the remodeling process. Just make sure it includes new windows. Contact Signature Surfaces today!

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