Bedbug Exterminators in Wichita Kansas: Myths About Bedbugs

At one time, bedbugs were actually rampant and everyone in the world seemed to have them. Finally, they were all but eradicated and people soon began to think that the entire bedbug population was a myth. In recent years, bedbug infestations have come back with a vengeance however, and many people are fighting infestations. There are quite a few myths associated with bedbugs, however, and they need to be laid to rest. Read on for a few of the myths that have been dispelled and need to be addressed.

Only Reside in Nasty Houses

When searching for a Bedbug Exterminator Wichita Kansas residents need to know that bedbugs do not only live in nasty houses. While it is true that you will want to de-clutter your home to get rid of any bedbugs you find, it doesn’t matter if your home was nasty to begin with or not. There are five star hotels that are having problems with bedbug infestations and they are very clean places. Bedbugs are actually hitchhikers and will hitch a ride to your home on everything from your purse to your suitcase. Once you have an infestation, you will need to get rid of it as soon as possible.

Never Bite During the Daylight Hours

Believe it or not, just because bed bugs suck your blood, does not make them vampires. If you go away on vacation for a month, come back, and sit down on your couch, they will not wait until after dark to feed on you. Bedbugs are hungry and will start to bite as soon as you sit down.

They Cannot Spread

The myth that bedbugs can’t leave the room they are in, is just that, a myth. If you don’t get rid of an infestation in the bedroom, you can be sure that it will spread to the rest of your house in record time.

These are just a few of the myths associated with bedbugs. If you suspect you have an infestation, you should call in the exterminators right away.