Before Hiring Exterminators Minneapolis

by | Apr 10, 2013 | Pest Control

Nobody wants to live with bugs or rodents in their home. Roaches and rats can spread disease, plus they can get into your food or crawl on you while you’re sleeping. You may be embarrassed to invite anyone over, fearing they’ll see a bug run across the floor while they visit. No one needs to live this way. An exterminator knows what to do to care of your bug or rodent problem quickly. There are a few considerations to make before you sign up for service, but if you choose correctly, bugs will be just a distant memory before you know it.

It’s best to call a few Exterminators Minneapolis before you make the decision who to hire. Recommendations from friends, neighbors and family are a good way to locate a trustworthy and professional exterminator. Either talk with him on the phone or have him come to the house for a consultation before you sign a contract for his services. Explain the infestation problem you have and ask him what he recommends and how long he feels it will take to get the situation under control. Different exterminators will have different approaches to the same problem, so find one that you are comfortable using. He should ultimately be working to eradicate your pest problem immediately and stop a recurrence from returning. You want to solve the problem, not just mask it.

Ask about a guarantee. Most exterminators service agreements are for monthly or quarterly service, depending on the methods and chemicals they use. There should be a guarantee that you will not see any live bugs or rodents after treatment. If you do, most Exterminators Minneapolis will return and repeat the treatment at no charge.

Be certain the exterminator you are using holds a valid pest control license. This ensures that they’ve passed a rigorous certification test and have knowledgeable of various pest control methods to eradicate certain pests and rodents effectively.

If you have a pest problem, or want to prevent one, hiring an exterminator will help you avoid infestation. Before you hire an exterminator, make certain you ask questions about the services they will provide and what you can expect the results to be. Be informed and you’ll stay be able to stay bug and rodent free.


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