Choosing Skylight Shades

by | Mar 7, 2012 | Home Decorating

Skylights are quickly becoming a trend for homeowners and commercial building owners alike. With the shift to green energy and sustainable development, more people are becoming aware of their impact on the earth and are seeking ways to do their part in preserving natural resources for future generations. One of the sectors that has received a lot of attention is the energy sector. Home owners and institutions are being encouraged to reduce the amount of energy they consume.

Installing skylights in your home is one great and easy way of reducing your energy consumption. Many home owners have seen their bills reduce drastically as a result of making more use of natural light and keeping artificial lighting off all day. If you are considering installing skylights in your property, you ought to consider the accessories that may be required for it. One such group of accessories is the skylight shades.

Skylight shades function in a similar way as regular window shades. Shades allow you to control the intensity of light coming into your room. You can also control the amount of heat as some shades offer insulating properties.

There is a wide variety of skylight shades in the market. The shades vary in size, design, and functionality. There are several factors that ought to be considered when choosing shades for your skylights

The first factor to consider is light control. You must decide the intensity of natural light you would like to filter into the room. Some people, for example, would prefer their shades to remain closed but for light to filter through them. Others would prefer the choice of making the room completely dark using opaque shades and opening them when they require light to filter through.

The choice you make for light control will play a significant role in your options for controlling the skylight shades. If you choose to have shades that are completely opaque, for example, you will have to think of how to control the opening and shutting of your shades.

There are various control options available. Manual controls may include a skylight pole or a handle. Automatic controls include systems, which can be programmed to shut and open at preset times. If you think you will be opening and closing your shades often, you ought to consider a remote control. This will allow you to control the intensity of natural light from anywhere in the room.

The final factor to consider when choosing skylight shades is the color of the shades. Skylights come in a wide variety of colors and are made from a wide variety of materials. Take your time to choose skylights that reflect your personal taste and style.

Skylights are quickly becoming popular amongst homeowners. Skylight shades can enhance the appearance of skylights and offer you control over the intensity of light filtering in. Find out more here.

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