Cleaning Air Ducts of an Air Conditioner in Oahu

Most people hardly think about cleaning the ductwork when they are making their routine AC system checkups. This is unfortunate because the ducts are where a lot of gunk from the environment collects. The condition is made even worse because of the hot and humid climate in Oahu. To have a clean and efficient Air Conditioner Oahu, you need to think about regular cleanup of your duct work. Here are the things that you are supposed to understand about cleaning up the ducts.

Biological growth in the ducts

The ducts are a good reservoir for a lot of dust, pollen, outdoor air pollution and other types of debris. The situation of may become even worse if the ductwork has openings that you do not know about. This is because the debris may combine with moisture and bring about the growth of biological microorganisms that could be very hazardous to the health of the people in the building. This is one of the reasons cleaning of ducts every three months is recommended. If for instance, things like mold start growing in the ducts, the spores will get in the air that people breathe, and this could lead to serious allergic reactions. Click here for more details.


This is one of the most dangerous chemicals that can come into contact with your home. When you are having your duct work checked, you should make sure that the test for asbestos is performed. In case any is detected, experts should be called in to carry out the removal process and restore safety in the home.

Dealing with weak duct work

When the AC system has been serving you for a long time, the duct work will be older and weaker. There are cleaners that will not consider the age of the system when cleaning. This is done with the hope that you will call them in for another session of maintaining the leaks. Professional cleaners should inspect the duct work. If the system is weak, they should go over options such as repair or replacement.

These are some of the things that you need to know about Air Conditioner Oahu maintenance, especially when dealing with the ductwork. Visit Air Source Air Conditioning to learn more about duct cleaning and its many benefits.