Considerations for Buying Property with Acreage

Buying a new home can be a complicated process, but when it comes to buying acreage lots for sale in TX, the process become even more detailed. The first step is deciding exactly what type of property you are looking to purchase. Maybe you want a home with an acre or two of land or perhaps you want the land for some other reason. Map out your requests very clearly so you will be able to present them to your Realtor. Once the Realtor has an idea of what you are looking for in an acreage lot, he can begin showing you suitable properties.

Do you want a lot with water such as a pond or one with land appropriate for farming? Maybe you just need some acreage for horses or cattle. These are all things that your real estate agent will need to know before he can begin showing you ideal properties.

One thing the Realtor can assist you with in buying acreage lots for sale in TX is making sure the land is in the proper zone for the use you intend it for. This can be accomplished by a trip to your city’s zoning or planning department. The city can tell you if the property is properly zoned for residential, business, public or agricultural use. The Realtor knows who to talk to and also what zones the land fall into. Use his knowledge to make the best decision when purchasing acreage.

You should also find out if the property is unrecorded acreage or part of a subdivision. This can be useful in knowing what you will be allowed to do with the acreage property you buy. For instance, if the land is part of a subdivision there may be restrictions about what you can do on your land. In some subdivisions, you are not allowed have certain pets, park a boat, or even a mobile home. This is definitely something you need to know before deciding to purchase the property.

There is something called a “plat” that lists unrecorded acreage and also subdivision. From this plat, you can find out about property restrictions, road access, and utilities. Sewage and municipal water areas should also be listed on this plat. This is all important information you must know before purchasing acreage property.

While buying acreage lots for sale in TX may seem like a complicated process, a professional Realtor can make the process much smoother. He knows all the zoning regulations and what the land may be used for. With this information in hand, you are sure to make a wise purchase when buying acreage.

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