Considering Options for Wood Floors New York City

When the time comes for new wood floors New York City, there are several options to consider. Each of these options have benefits that could make them ideal for the homeowner. The goal is to compare the merits of each and settle on the solution that will provide the most satisfaction in the years to come.

Rescued Flooring

A popular option today is to secure flooring that was rescued from an older building. This type of approach makes it possible to invest in hardwood flooring that is sturdy and also has minor defects that many people believe add personality to the floors. As a bonus, opting for this type of flooring also makes it possible to re-purpose older pieces and prevent them from ending up in landfills. The flooring can be harvested from all sorts of settings. These include older factories, office buildings that are being torn down, and even older homes that are set for demolition. While those older buildings may no longer serve a purpose, the flooring sections are usually in great shape and certainly worthy of use in a new setting.

Veneered Flooring

Another approach to wood floors New York City is to go with a veneered floor. This is simple sections that are designed to snap together with ease. Typically, some sort of padding is placed under the veneers, providing support and also helping to level the surface. For a do it yourself homeowner, the ease of installation makes this option worth considering.

Acrylic Flooring

This particular option involves the use of wood flooring that is injected with some type of polymer that makes it extremely durable. Along with being very easy to care for, it also resists scratches and gouges in a way that more traditional hardwood floors do not. For areas that are very high in traffic, this option is well worth considering.

Talk with the experts at New York Wood Floring before making any final decisions. They can point out the pros and cons of each approach, and provide some idea of what to expect in terms of long term use. Doing so will save time any money while ensuring that the customer is happy with the selection for many years to come.