Contacting a Lawn Irrigation Service in Battle Creek for Sprinkler Systems

by | May 9, 2013 | Construction and Maintenance

If you live in the Battle Creek area and you’re contacting a lawn irrigation service, the chances are quite good that you’re looking for sprinkler system. While a Lawn Irrigation Service in Battle Creek will do other things, the mainstay of most lawn irrigation businesses is the retailing as well as the installation of a wide variety of different sprinkler systems. However, just because you’re contacting an irrigation service doesn’t necessarily mean that you know exactly what type of sprinkler system you need. That’s why it’s important to rely upon the expert advice of irrigation professionals to help you choose the best system. Here are a few things to remember.

For most home or business lawn applications, spray head sprinklers are typically going to be your best option. These offer adequate amounts of irrigation, however, they only cover a very small area. These spray head sprinklers come in two different models.

The first is a pop-up spray head sprinkler that comes up when it receives water pressure and once the water is turned off the spray head recedes back into the ground. You can also choose a permanent spray head sprinkler attached to a pole. These are very common for watering shrubbery. Since they blend in with the shrub, they are less noticeable but still offer adequate hydration.

If you’re looking to have a sprinkler system to handle large open spaces, then you may want to consider gear driven sprinklers. Just like spray head sprinklers, gear head sprinklers can also be above ground, but in many instances, these are installed as Underground Sprinklers. Once again, when the water pressure is up, the sprinklers pop out from the ground and the water pressure itself allows the gears to move, thus activating sprinkler. In many cases, these gear driven sprinklers can cover areas of up to 50 feet.

When looking for a sprinkler system, whether it’s for a small landscape setting or a larger application, you want to speak with lawn irrigation services in order to get the right consultation for which sprinkler will work best for you. With so many different options, as well as so many different facets of installation, it’s best to speak with a professional before you set your mind to one particular sprinkler system.

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