Cost Effective Bedroom Decorating Ideas

by | Nov 9, 2011 | Home Decorating

Most of us have some conventional decorating ideas for bedrooms. Though it is the most frequently rearranged place of your house, you always find it outdated and dull. Some people associate bedroom decoration with costly furniture and other décor items. However, you can conveniently redecorate your bedroom in a cost effective way.

Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Bedroom Decorating Ideas

A plash of paint: It is the quickest and most simple way to change the look of your worn out bedroom. You can even use the same color and get a fresh look that gives a boost to your room and makes it look clean and new. However, if you are exhausted with the same wall color, select a new and bright one, cover your furniture and start working. You will gradually gather more creative decorating ideas once you start painting the room.

Change the shabby bedding: If you have a limited budget then you can add new pillow shams or create one by using your old covers, cloths and lace. You can even re-decorate your bed sheets and pillow covers in a similar way. Otherwise, you can slip your covered pillow in to a sham while making the bed in the morning. You can even give your bed a luxurious look by filling pillow shams with simple foam pillows.

Comforter or bedspread: Buying a new comforter or bedspread is also a cheap and convenient way to re-decorate your bedroom. You can check the local malls, or browse the Internet for discount linen stores, offering cheap but beautiful and comfortable bedspreads. If you are good at stitching, you can even create a new comforter by using your old ones.

Frame your bedroom windows with bed sheets: This is one of the most inexpensive ideas for re-decorating your bedrooms. Usually, comforters come with bed sets that also include flat sheet, pillowcases and fitted sheet. If you prefer to use comforters for covering your sheets, then you can easily use the flat and fitted sheets to frame your bedroom windows. You can also use the no-sew fabric glue in order to hem a nice edge. These glues are easily available in any fabric and craft stores.

You can conveniently re-decorate your bedroom by simply changing and/or replacing a few elements. There is no need to choose colors, shop for the best bedding deal or spend in any other ways. A simple re-arrangement of your furniture can also do the magic.

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