Create a Beautiful and Spacious Feeling Bath with a Frameless Glass Shower

by | Mar 9, 2021 | Remodeling

Some homes have smaller bathrooms that feel cramped and look dated. Learn how easy it is to create a beautiful and luxurious bath that feels instantly spacious and fresh by installing a gorgeous frameless glass shower. This is one way to elevate your home’s overall interior design impact while raising the value without spending a lot of time or money doing it.

Why Glass Has Stood the Test of Time Through the Years

Glass has been used in interior design for ages. Although many think of glass as a clear and see-through material, in reality, glass can be opaque, shiny and reflective or even colored these days. Think of milk glass that has a milky almost white color that can’t be seen through. Stained glass or glass tinted with a color can also be useful in decorating themes. Glass has stood the test of time as a popular decorating material choice for centuries.

How Glass Can Give the Illusion of More Space

The reflective quality of glass allows light to dance on its surface quickly creating a brighter atmosphere that feels warm and inviting. Glass gives the instant illusion of more space wherever it is installed. This is an excellent material choice in small bathrooms. A frameless glass shower makes the room appear larger, because there are not any barriers to stop the eye or natural light.

Where to Turn for Expert Glass Shower Installation

Contact Mr. Glass & Mirror – Houston at for information on glass showers.

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