Different Types Of Retaining Walls In Gettysburg PA?

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You might have came across your neighbor’s yard having protection of retaining walls in Gettysburg PA. In fact, retaining walls are designed for supporting wedge of the soil. Wedging may occur in soil due to different reasons and it occurs when it exceeds the angle and repose. Further, extend of wedging does reduce when retaining walls are placed, as then they act like barriers to avoid wedging. They put pressure on the soil to stop them from wedging across. Moreover, they are economical to invest, as you hardly spend big deal of money. In fact, retaining walls are ideal for houses located near hilly regions. For some, they act as a life savior barrier as well.


Gravity Wall

They are mostly used in places where the need to build wall heights is common. The cost of retaining walls may vary depending on the height of wall you require to build. Moreover, large walls need great strength to hold the soil and rocks from wedging across your house. In fact, strength of the wall becomes function of its height, which in turn becomes the factor of cost. Higher the height of the wall, greater would be the cost of building one. Further, they involve use of heavy cement and grit in their manufacturing. The mechanism behind their work is that their weight is a function of pressure that imparts on the wedge soil. Thus, owing to their weight, they are able to put more pressure on the wedge soil to prevent any sliding.


Cantilevered Wall

These kinds of retaining walls make use of internal stem that consist of combination of reinforced steel and concrete. Instead of resisting the pressure of soil themselves, they transfer the horizontal pressure of the soil into vertical pressure on the ground on which it stands. The advantage of cantilever walls is that unlike gravity walls, you require making use of lesser materials. In addition, you get better resistive strength from cantilever wall than a simple gravity wall.


Sheet Pilling

Sheet pilling is ideal for places where wedge soil is soft and where there are constrictions of spaces to build a wall. These kinds of retaining wall are either build of steel, wood or even vinyl plastic materials.



An anchored type of wall is ideal when the height of wall is large or in situation where more strength is required for resisting the forces of soil. The wall works in similar way as defined in above-mentioned types, which means it resists the soil pressure. However, such walls can withstand additional pressure from soil by bearing them against cables anchoring them to rock bed of soil. These cables can withstand additional load on the wall to make them as an ideal solution to places that are prone to experiencing landslides.


Other Options

Apart from the above-mentioned four types of retaining walls, you can make use of alternative ways or can club these methods along with constructed walls. The options other than constructing retaining walls in Gettysburg PA include sold nailing, gabion meshes, mechanical stabilization and soil strengthening.

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