Different Types of Roofs with a Commercial Roofer in Hendersonville

Whenever a new commercial building is being planned, the owner must make decisions about the materials being used. One of the most important things to consider is the type of roof to put on the building. Hendersonville, TN is 28 miles away from the famous city of Nashville. The weather in Hendersonville can be very wet, with over 48 inches of rain annually. Roofs have to be able to withstand this damp weather, so choosing the right roofing material is a bigger decision than most building owners ever realize.

There are many different types of commercial roofs. The first kind is a thermoplastic roof. A Commercial Roofer In Hendersonville will explain that this is a new kind of roof, and that the plastic used on it is durable and can withstand high and low temperatures. To protect a business, these roofs are also resistant to fire, wind, and hail damage. The typical lifespan of a thermoplastic roof is 20 or more years. An ethylene diene monomer roof is the next type of commercial roof. It is made with a special rubber. The rubber is thin, but only one layer is needed for a commercial building. They are considered to be the most durable roofs for any structure. To have it installed is inexpensive, and simple enough to be done quickly. Many commercial builders who use decorative rocks use rubber roofs to hold them in place, which can hold over 1,200 pounds of rocks with ease.

For environmentally-conscious business owners, green roofs are available. On a flat roof, the area is covered with soil in which seeds are planted. The roof itself is covered with a special waterproof skin. Over the course of time, the seeds grow into plants. The vegetation on the roof absorbs the heat and serves as insulation. Also, the plants on the roof keep the whole structure cool during the summer. The last type of commercial roofs is photovoltaic panels, also known as solar panels. These special panels absorb the sun and convert it to electricity. The panels are mounted to either a glass or tile covering over the roof. The power from the panels is converted into electricity that is used in the building. There are different kinds of commercial roofs available for, and a Commercial Roofer In Hendersonville can help a business owner figure out which one is best for them. Click Here for more details.

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