Dirty and Smelly Rugs? Hire a Carpet Cleaning Service in San Marcos, CA

by | Mar 12, 2019 | Construction and Maintenance

Carpets are the perfect floor covering for commercial office spaces. Instead of hearing the sharp clicking of heels every time someone walks down the corridor, the carpet muffles the sound. It’s also much more comfortable to walk on. A nation of aging Baby Boomers appreciates all the cushioning they can get for their knees. However, it’s very important that the business hire a cleaning service commercial San Marcos, CA to keep them very clean. There is nothing worse for morale than a dirty work environment. It also sends a terrible message to clients.

For most offices, it’s adequate to have a carpet cleaning San Marcos, CA service come in at night to vacuum. Almost all wall-to-wall carpeting whether it’s in a home or business comes with a warranty. It’s very important that the cleaning company understand which cleaning chemicals and solvents can be used on which material. It should state in their cleaning contract that they have read the warranty and manufacturer’s recommended cleaning guidelines. Business owners should also make sure that they are bonded and insured. If they do ruin a carpet, the owner should know that it will be replaced.

Keeping all of the carpet in an office building spotless can be complicated. A powerful vacuum cleaner is needed to quickly pick up the debris from the day and to keep dust from building up in the corners. Cleaners need to have the chemical solvents ready to clean up spots before they sink into the carpets. The carpets also have to be steam cleaned on a regular basis. It is very expensive for one company to have this in their janitorial closet. However, when they hire the right carpet cleaning San Marcos, CA company, it comes with them.

It’s also important to hire a cleaner that can dry out the carpet, upholstery, floors and walls if a disaster strikes. Of course this could happen if a tree falls on the roof during a storm. It could also happen if a pipe bursts during a cold spell. Water damage has to be cleaned up and dried immediately to prevent any mold and mildew. Many companies have agreements with their carpet cleaners that they will arrive within the hour if an emergency strikes. It’s one of the reasons they were given the contract. Visit Rancho Services, Inc for more details.

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