Discuss Different Materials With A Flat Roofer In Clinton Ia

As your flat roofer in clinton ia will tell you, there many types of materials for flat roofing to choose for your building. Discuss with your roofer to identify the roof material that fits your needs. It could be one particular type of material or a combination of more than one material. The three main categories or types of flat roofs depending upon the material used are the Built Up roofs (BUR), Single ply roofing or the Spray on roofs. This article provides more information on these types.


Discuss Built Up Roofing With Your Flat Roofer In Clinton Ia

BUR or built up roof is made of layers of liquid tar or asphalt or tar saturated paper. The materials are layered in crisscross position over one another in multiple layers until the required number of layers has been completed. The roof material is alternated with the hot tar and with layer of smooth river stone. Gravel is fire retardant material and is also visually appealing in the windows and decks overlooking the roof. BUR roof is the cheapest of the roof type for flat roofs. The main disadvantage in working with these roofs is that because of the material used, they tend to be quite heavy and require the strengthening of the joist. The smell of tar is quite strong and these roofs can get messy to install. Also, you will need professionals for installation of these roofs.


Discuss Single Ply Roofing With Your Flat Roofer In Clinton Ia

Single ply roofs are made of single roof membrane which consists of a waterproof material with a weathering surface. These roofs are much lighter than BUR roofs and because of a single membrane are thinner too. Average thickness range from 45-90 mil. These are the most common flat roofing material used for residential and commercial roofing purposes.

EPDM roofing, TPO roofs and PVC roofing are the most commonly used single ply roofs. EPDM uses adhesives to keep the seams together and make it water proof. EPDM rubber roof comes with no water ponding warranty and require maintenance after 7-10 years on the roof. It has a very competitive pricing and provides immense ease of installation.

PVC and TPO roofs are usually white unlike black EPDM roofing. TPO is much less expensive than PVC. Both TPO and PVC roofs require a special hot-air welding machine to weld the seams and flashing.


Discuss Spray-On And Paint-On Roofing With Your Flat Roofer In Clinton Ia

Spray-on and paint-on roofing can be either Spray-foam insulated or SPF roofing and roof coatings. With spray roofing the foam is sprayed onto the roof directly, and then coated with urethane or acrylic coating with a layer of tiny stones or sand. Coating is required to block the UV from the sun. It also eliminates the need for recoating every 10 years.


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