Don’t Stop with Bathroom Cabinets in Pittsburgh – Consider Upgrading the Rest of the Bathroom, Too!

Getting new bathroom cabinets in Pittsburgh will do a lot to liven up your bathroom, but you should consider a bigger remodeling project if you want to get the best possible effect. By the time cabinets are old enough to need replacing, the rest of the room’s fixtures will likely look dated as well. Here are some other things you should consider:

A New Shower or Tub

Olive green tubs and small showers both scream of a time gone by. Unfortunately, it hasn’t been long enough since that time went by for it to have antique appeal. Instead, it just looks obsolete. Consider updating your tub to today’s colors and expanding your shower so that it doesn’t seem like it belongs in a cottage. Today’s materials do more than look good. Some, like the Luxury Bath system by Business Name, also include anti-microbial coatings. These eliminate the mold and mildew that plagues older systems.

Adding Organizational Elements

Many bathrooms just have basic attributes: A sink, toilet, tub, counter, a towel bar, and a set of cabinets under the sink. None of these things provide good places to store extra towels, spare toilet paper, and other typical bathroom items. Add a special shelf unit above the toilet or on one wall so that you can keep things arranged in a neat, yet easily accessible, way.

A Bigger Countertop

While some bathrooms don’t have room for a larger counter, many older ones actually have plenty of space. These older ones were often made with short counters in order to make them look bigger, but this sacrifices usability. When you get new bathroom cabinets in Pittsburgh, think about whether you could fit a larger unit into the space. You’ll enjoy being able to spread your morning accessories out so that you don’t have to worry about where to set them in between uses.

Upgraded Materials

Plain white ceramic is serviceable and matches everything, but it also isn’t unique. Try putting a granite countertop on those new cabinets, adding clear doors to the shower, and switching out your faucets for better and more functional versions. A few changes like this can turn a drab bathroom into a luxury area, even if the available space is small.