Drain Repair in Warsaw IN – Tools Used For Various Drains

Different drains issues need different remedies and most of the time the drain repair involves drain cleaning, as if it is not done in time it can completely damage the drainage system. In some cases the traps or other accessories also need repairing. Drain repair in Warsaw IN is done using various tools depending on the nature of the problem. These tools include, a plunger, a cable auger, plumber’s snake, closet auger, and electric power driven auger.

Repairing or cleaning the sink drain
Every drains needs a separate tool depending on the intensity of the problem, e.g. if your sink gets unclogged then a plunger would be enough. This is done by plunging the sink having water in it. Do it with a great force in upward and downward motion. The same can be done in a bathroom sink, for which the hole should be stuffed with a rag first and then plunging is done. A same ragging technique is required for a double bowl kitchen sink. But sometimes the clogging is of a severe nature, then cable auger is used which is put under the sink by removing the trap. Once the drain is cleared, hot water should be poured over it to clean it further. It can also be done by filling the sink with hot water and then plunging it.

Repairing or cleaning the tub drain

The bath tub is the least problematic, and it only happens due to hair or other debris. Like sink it is done by using a plunger. If it does not work then use the cable auger, which is done by removing the overflow plate and then 30 inches of cable is inserted in the overflow tube. Keep on putting pressure until you see the clog being removed. It should be continued until you feel the cable move freely all over it. A plumber does it the same way to a drain repair in Warsaw IN.

Repairing or cleaning the toilet drain

This can be very severe if not attacked at time, as no one can bear bad smells. It mostly happens in the trap and closet auger is used to fix it. This is done by placing the auger into the bowl, then the pressure is put on the handle by moving the tool and spreading the entire snake cable. The process is done again and again until the clog is cleared.

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