Eco-Responsible Bee Removal Pittsburgh PA

by | Nov 2, 2018 | Pest Control

There has been a change in the way the removal of bees in Pittsburgh PA takes place with bee removal experts turning to eco-responsible bee removal in the area. As a result, when a bee colony is formed in an unwanted area, be it at your residence or place of work, instead of the previous approach of total eradication and eliminations of the bees, bee removers are opting for live removal which is a safe and eco-responsible alternative.

In the past most property owners insisted on the immediate and total obliteration of bee populations especially if they were found nearby residential property or in games and amusement places. Now bee removal takes place in the Pittsburgh PA area but the bees are not destroyed. Instead removal specialists relocate colonies of honey bees especially because they are dwindling in number. They also ensure that they seal any openings that might be used by the insects to re-enter the house. Removal is done using the proper equipment by licensed experts who safely and permanently solve the problem of bees in residential, commercial and industrial properties.

All over Pennsylvania, the management of stinging insects has taken root and large honey bees captured are managed instead of being exterminated. Pest control professionals will identify a problem and remove the bees as well as the bee hives and then relocate them. More and more people in Pittsburgh PA are now turning to the removal of bees through control. As a result, instead of avoiding the bee problem, or killing the bees without fully solving the problem, many bee companies are instead approaching the issues differently.

The idea is to locate the hive, remove the bees, remove the hives and prevent future infestation of bees in the area while at the same time maintaining the population of the bees since their population is on the decline. This is the perfect way to control bees. Humane eco-responsible approaches to the business of bee removal is the main focus, with the bees being relocated as well as their hives and honey combs without the death and the destruction of colony. Pittsburgh PA has very experienced bee catchers who know how to remove the bees and relocate them as well as remove the honeycomb and the hive to ensure that no future colonies are recreated.

But another reason why removal includes the complete removal of the honeycomb with the hive is because the honeycomb can melt into the structure and cause damages to it while also leaving stains on it. When this happens other swarms of bees are drawn to the area and they begin building nests and establishing a new colony. But it is not the bees alone that one needs to worry about. The honeycomb can also attract rats, rodents, moths and many other insects into your home. A removal service with experience will ensure that the structure is cleaned completely to keep re-infestation from recurring as well as other possible problems from occurring. The idea of live bee removal in Pittsburgh PA is to provide a lasting solution and to solve the problem of infestation permanently.

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