Exterminators in Derby, Kansas Can Rid a Home of Many Different Pests

by | Jan 4, 2014 | Pest Control

Pests and insects can invade a home at any time. Spiders and ants can decide that they would rather be inside as the weather gets colder. Bees and wasps might find the space between walls to be a great place to build a hive or nest. Bed bugs can hide in a suitcase and return with a traveler to spread throughout the home. It takes professional Exterminators Derby Kansas to respond properly to all of these threats in a timely manner.

Chemical measures are most effective against spiders and ants, while heat may be the best solution to bed bugs. Africanized honey bees should be killed, however friendly honey bees are usually relocated. The exterminator will make the determination as to the type of bee and then contact local beekeepers to find one that would like to expand their hive. Homeowners should resist the urge to take a can of insecticide and spray it into their wall. It doesn’t kill all of the bees or wasps and it doesn’t act that fast. People could find themselves badly stung. He will also understand that the wall space has to be thoroughly cleaned up. If the sticky and sweet hive material is left behind, then it will attract mice and other rodents.

Pests in the walls can chew insulation, wood and wiring. They can also leave droppings that breed potentially deadly diseases. Professional Exterminators Derby Kansas will know how to clean up and sanitize the area. They also know how to work with the homeowner to minimize a recurrence of the problem. They will look for holes on the exterior of the house that animals can use to enter it. Chimneys are a favorite space of raccoons. They crawl into them looking for a warm place and then get trapped. Hearing a raccoon scream for help can be a very scary situation. The exterminator can remove them and then install a screen on top of the chimney. Exterminators are ready to respond to emergency situations quickly. They will then design a long-term preventative program to keep pests from returning. It may be as simple as keeping pet food and trash in the garage instead of near the back of the house.

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