Getting Epoxy Floor Put Down in NY

by | Oct 16, 2013 | Flooring

Working in the garage may seem like a huge hassle because you are constantly worrying about spilling something and being unable to clean it up. Just because it is a garage floor does not mean that you want oil stains all over it. If you have ever worked in a warehouse then you know how much easier that is to clean. It is designed to make messes far faster and easier to clean up while also reducing the number of times a person slips while in the building. This is possible by having an epoxy coating applied to the floor which allows for a smoother look and an easier clean up.

Having an Epoxy Floor in NY is not just for commercial stores and warehouses anymore. It can now be applied to residential areas in the form of a garage or a home. Many companies also offer the ability to do specialty work, like a gym area, to make it easier for people to run across. Unlike normal concrete, epoxy covering is harder to chip which means that it is not as big of a safety hazard. This would be why it is commonly used in areas where safety is incredibly important, like a warehouse, or a school gymnasium.

In a residential setting, epoxy flooring is a seamless answer to that pesky basement or garage that is a pain to clean and maintain. For Hoffman Flooring Covering Corp. making sure that their clients have a smooth and level floor is important. If the floor is not leveled then there was no point in having the floor covered. Epoxy is special in that it creates a seamless floor cover. This means that, unlike other floors where there may be a small space between the floor and the wall, the epoxy seeps into all spaces on the floor and creates a much more flat and smooth surface.

The Epoxy Floor in NY is the same type of material that is used to cover laboratories and showrooms, which means that it is safe and easy to clean up and sanitize. This makes it perfect for a garage floor that can be a huge hassle to deal with.

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