Give Your Bathroom A New Look With Frameless Shower Doors In Hopewell

Frameless shower doors in Hopewell are one of the newest and most popular options amongst homeowners to add the style and sophistication to their bathrooms. Frameless shower doors are easily available and come in various design and style options. As the name suggests frameless shower doors do not have frames but the glass panels are mounted on the top with rollers without using any metal edges. The glass used in a frameless shower door is tempered and thicker to provide stability and durability.

Things To Consider Before Buying Frameless Shower Doors In Hopewell

There are multiple things to consider before you select the frameless shower doors in Hopewell. You should create a checklist to make sure that all areas are covered. The position of the hinges as these doors swing in and out – these hinges are mounted through the glass and hence are sturdier. Doors positioned off-set or centered – they can be designed to the space creating unique styles. Type of handle and option for towel bar. Finish on the metal and thickness of the glass – doors come in 3/8” or ½” glass and the glass is tempered thus making it durable and at the same time giving it a luxurious look.

The shape of the shower area and style of your bathroom – all decorative tiles and backsplashes in the shower area are shown to the best advantage with a frameless glass door. Any special needs requirements, like, wheelchair use

Door Glass Options For Frameless Shower Doors In Hopewell

The thickness of the shower glass should at least be 5-6 mm thick. The glass is tempered and comes in three main design selections:

Clear Glass: They give an open and spacious appearance to the bathroom. The decorative tiles and backsplash add a glamorous look.

Frosted Glass: This type of glass provides some level of privacy and adds mystery and beauty to the bathroom. They are also easier to clean and maintain.

Pattern shower doors: Plexi-Glass shower doors are made of hard plastic and are available in different patterns at the same time. They are also less expensive than glass doors.

Cleaning And Maintenance Of Frameless Shower Doors In Hopewell

Lack of metal framing makes it much easier to clean and maintain the frameless glass doors. It is recommended to use a non-ammonia based glass cleaner daily. Keep away from harsh chemicals that contain vinegar or bleach. These agents can corrode the glass. Clean the glass gently with a microfiber cloth.

Overtime due to calcium, lime and other mineral deposits in water get permanently etched on the glass door and can no longer be removed. Use glass protection application to reduce the probability of these deposits and increase the life and look if your frameless shower glass doors in Hopewell.

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