Hardie Board Siding in New Jersey Can Make Your Home Unique

When it comes to your home, you want it’s appearance to reflect who you are. You want it to show off your unique style and flair, and you want that look to last for many years. Hardie Siding can give you that look and durability. There is a wide variety of colors to select from and with their ColorPlus Technology, the finish is applied prior to delivery and is custom formulated for the specific climate of your home.

Hardie Board Siding New Jersey makes sense for a number of reasons.

The overall cost of Hardie siding is very reasonable, especially when you consider that the finish is warranted for fifteen years. That’s fifteen years of no cracking, peeling, or chipping, assuring that your home will not lose it’s unique look or any of it’s curb appeal. And if you are building a new home, that means there is no need for an additional on-site painting contractor. You also have the advantage of not needing to wait for optimal weather conditions for painting to be completed.

Maintenance on this type of siding is absolutely minimal. There is no requirement for specialized soaps to prevent dust or surface damage. There is no scraping and painting needed every few years. Over a fifteen year period, that alone could save you as much as five thousand dollars. With just an occasional spray with a hose your home will look as good as new.

Hardie siding also has the extra advantage of having a look and texture that can’t be duplicated with any type of vinyl siding. That textured look plus a vast array of color choices make it possible for your home to stand out in your neighborhood and make a statement.

Another advantage that Hardie Board Siding New Jersey offers is an energy-efficient first line of defense against all kinds of weather. Each installation is designed with your specific climate in mind and that will also increase the durability of your home as well as it’s longevity. This can actually reduce your home insurance premiums.

If you are looking for an outstanding return on your investment when it comes to siding, take the time to consider Hardie Siding with ColorPlus Technology.

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