How a Bathroom Hand Dryer can Make Your Customers Feel Loved

Recently an unofficial, very unscientific, quick and dirty poll was taken on Facebook. The question was this: Which do you prefer, paper towels or a jet speed bathroom hand dryer? The comments and notifications began appearing in seconds. The friends filled up the page with such strong opinions that it quickly became reminiscent of a political debate in an election year.

Here are a few of their thoughts:

I’m a paper towel fan but I understand they have their cons.

Jet bathroom hand dryer now, but they used to scare my son to death. Thankfully, he got over it, but paper towels are always better than regular dryers.

Paper towels. I hate the sound and the feel of the jet air thing. I’d rather dry my hands on my pants if no paper towels are present than use that.

Paper towels. Most jet dryers are annoyingly loud. I like the old dryers though, they are often nice and warm and not too loud. And, if paper towels are available I will quickly wipe around the sink to help the area look nice. You can’t do that with dryers!

Dryer! But then I need a towel to open the door because some people don’t wash their hands! Ick!

Paper towels all the way, I cringe so badly when I have to pull a bathroom door open without a paper towel to get out. Yuck!

I like paper towels but people make a big mess in the bathrooms. I think the dryers are much healthier.

Paper towels. Air dryers scare the life out of my kids, almost as much as auto flushing toilets!

As you can see, people really love their paper towels, and they do so for some important reasons. Customers who end up in a rest room with nothing but an old-fashioned bathroom hand dryer to use after they wash their hands are going to leave your establishment dewy hands and damp pants. These will not be satisfied customers.

People want paper towels available in a rest room so they can use them to clean up excess water spills and protect themselves from germs when they pull the door open. They also want a bathroom hand dryer to be available so that they can dry their hands without causing a big paper towel mess in the trash can and on the floor. People enjoy feeling like they can do something for the environment without having to go to a lot of effort. If you want your customers to feel loved, give them paper towels and a quiet, high-speed, energy efficient, bathroom hand dryer.

No rest room is complete without a high-speed, energy-efficient, bathroom hand dryer. Find a reputable dealer like website and get a bathroom hand dryer for your business today!