How Can A Toilet Seat Be Automatic?

by | Dec 3, 2013 | Bedroom Style

Automatic automobiles make perfect sense; but, automatic toilet seats? What does a toilet seat do? Nothing much on its own; it sometimes gets raised and, then, it gets lowered so that it can be sat upon. Maybe automatic toilet seats make the decision over that often argued question of – “in which position should you leave the toilet seat?”

An automatic toilet makes more sense. One that can automatically flush once the user has finished; or, even one that automatically washes, scrubs and dries your exposed body before you arise after finishing your sitting down business. The first one is seen these days in most public toilets while the second one seems to be almost a preserve of the Japanese.

What Else Can Be Automated?

It is not the toilet seat itself that could do with some automation. What would help is for the seat to be made hygienic and sanitary automatically. In these modern times when we hear of various strains of deadly influenza spreading quickly around the world or the more insidious diseases such as AIDS; it is understandable for us to be concerned about the possibility of becoming infected ourselves.

Most of us do not fully understand the mechanics of how germs spread and how they actually infect us. However, we have nearly all been instructed that human waste is a possible breeding ground for germs and it must be properly disposed of. Our western way of doing that is to flush it all down the toilet and let someone else take care over what happens next. In our own homes, we keep our toilets scrupulously clean and we regularly disinfect them with chemicals that the labels on the bottles say will kill 99.9% of all known germs. Because of this, we feel safe when using the toilets at home.

Particularly In The Public Domain

Once we leave the security of home, we become open prey for any germs that may be around. The place where we often feel most at risk is in rest rooms located in public places. Anyone; women in particular, can be excused for feeling nervous when using a public toilet while not knowing who was the person that was last seated where you are now located. Traditional toilet seat covers are tricky to use so, what would be nice would be for a one use only seat cover to be automatically applied to the seats of all public toilets.


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