How Do You Know If You Need An Exterminator For Your Home?

by | Apr 23, 2012 | Home and Garden

Many new homeowners are often caught off guard by the home maintenance they end up having to face within the first few months, weeks, or even days of moving into their home. For example, if you were used to being a renter then you will probably be a little overwhelmed when you have to find a plumber for a burst pipe, an electrician for strange power surges, and an exterminator for the various insects, bugs, rodents or birds that have showed up. Well, in this hypothetical the plumber and the electrician are probably necessary, but you may be able to handle your pest situation without involving exterminators Sacramento.

Pest control includes a wide variety of bugs, vermin, and rodents as well as a wide variety of methods of getting them away from or out of your house. Different exterminators and pest control companies use different methods, and there are also a lot of professional grade traps and poisons that are available to consumers. What measures you take to get rid of the pests depends on the type of pests, the scale of the infestation, your budget, and your ability to use pest control equipment and materials not dissimilar from the materials and equipment used by exterminators Sacramento.

Many homeowners choose to handle any pest problem or infestation on their own, and this can work well for many homeowners if they do their homework when it comes to the necessary materials for their specific problem. For example, if your home is covered in pigeons and they are not only a nuisance but cause damage to your home, then you do not want to just head out with a net and try to catch some, or spook them away. If you are having problems with a pest, research the appropriate traps, baits, poisons, or repellents for that pest. There are different bird repellents available that will make sure the pesky pigeons will not stay around much longer.

Some small infestations, like ants, can be handled with poison and good cleaning habits, but if you live in a warm humid climate you probably have to deal with more than just ants. Maintaining a pest free home can be difficult in certain climates, and if you find yourself buying ant poison, cock roach traps, mouse traps, and spider poison on a regular basis, you may want to look for local exterminators Sacramento. While there are many aspects of pest control that can be handled by consumers, it is a good idea to have your home looked at by professional exterminators at least once a year so they can inspect for termites and other hard to detect pests.

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