How Duct Cleaning in New Canaan CT Works

by | Jul 16, 2013 | Air Conditioning

Duct Cleaning New Canaan CT is an often-forgotten task, and many homeowners have a hard time remembering when they’ve last had their ducts cleaned. However, regular duct cleaning may have certain health advantages, and it may reduce your energy usage and extend your air conditioning unit’s life.

How Duct and Vent Cleaning can Impact the Quality of Your Indoor Air

When you’re thinking of hiring a company to clean your ducts, you should keep in mind that the quality of your indoor air is decreasing because of better insulation in walls, doors and windows. These are great for reducing utility bills and increasing comfort, but they usually do not come with extra ventilation. Therefore, pollutants entering the home have no way to escape. The jury’s still out on whether duct cleaning is a cure-all for poor indoor air quality. There’s evidence on both sides, and duct cleaning can sometimes remove fungus, microbes and mold from your air.

How Duct Cleaning is Done

There are two ways to clean air ducts in your home. In one method, a system is connected to the ducts to suck out all the contaminants; in the other, a vacuum/brush/hose combination is run through the ductwork. When used by trained professionals, both systems have been proven effective. Proper duct cleaning should include all registers, the inside of the ventilation and heating system, and the inside of the ductwork.

If you have an AC or heat pump, its coils must be cleaned, along with the furnace fan. As a last step, your technician will spray a disinfectant throughout your system to remove any remaining mold, dust and bacteria. A proper duct cleaning should take anywhere from three to five hours, depending on your home’s size. If your home has multiple cooling/heating systems, or if the system is on the roof, the job will take longer.

When you are quoted a price for Duct Cleaning New Canaan CT, ask if it includes cleaning of registers, ductwork, coils and fans. If the company charges extra for cleaning these components, take your business elsewhere, as cleaning these parts is an integral part of air duct maintenance.

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