How To Easily Perform Upholstery Cleaning At Home

by | Apr 4, 2012 | Home Decorating

A clean home is usually very attractive in appearance. Not only do residents enjoy the ambiance, they also take care of their health. Fabric and furniture stuffing do get dirty and therefore care must be taken to ensure that they are clean. Upholstery cleaning in our homes and places of work is very important and it is a task that cannot be assumed or overlooked. This type of cleaning does not just ensure that your upholstery is presentable but it also prevents premature aging by making it last longer.


Companies that offer Upholstery cleaning Las Vegas do so at home and in the office. This type of cleaning is not done as often as cleaning the carpet but it is mandatory to do it once in a while as this gives furniture the new look it had from the beginning. Upholstery cleaning Las Vegascan be a costly exercise but hiring a cleaning service to do carpet cleaning and upholstery will save time and money because of discounts offered.


Sometimes, you may want to hire a cleaning service but your budget cannot allow it. This should not worry you since Upholstery cleaning is an activity that you can do by yourself. As long as you are organized, it should be a very easy task. Some tips that are easy to follow include:

     *  Using a vacuum: Vacuum cleaners come in handy when cleaning the home. With upholstery, you need to put the Upholstery cleaning attachment and then switch on the vacuum. This will remove dust and dirt. Secondly, remove the cushions and vacuum inside the furniture until there no traces of dust.

    *  Using a soft cloth with warm water: sometimes, a vacuum cleaner might miss some dust. A soft damp cloth will take care of the remaining dust.

    *  Soap and sponge: This method is useful for upholstery that has a lot of dirt and stains as it involves scrubbing. Care should be taken to ensure that the fabric is not damaged with too much scrubbing. Excess soap can be removed using a plastic scraper. The cushions can also be cleaned using this method.

    *  Rinsing: The previous process can be repeated several times until the upholstery is clean. Once you are satisfied, you can rinse off any leftover water and soap with a towel or soft cloth and them allow the upholstery to dry where there is enough fresh air.

Choosing the right Upholstery cleaning method depends on the kind of dirt and also a person’s preference. Wet cleaning involves water based chemicals used in methods such as steam extraction whereas dry cleaning involves using solvents without the formation of suds. There are also codes that specify the cleaning method such as S for solvents and W for Water.



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