How To Evaluate The Best Type Of Carpet Cleaning Near Naples For Your Needs

by | Mar 6, 2024 | Carpet Cleaning Service

Remember the scene from Forest Gump when they talk about all the different varieties of shrimp and exactly how you can prepare them? When you start asking around for information on carpet cleaning near Naples you may feel like you are in the scene except you are talking about different variations of how to have your carpets professionally treated. There are really five different methods to treating dirty carpets but depending on the carpet, the dirt, the traffic, the end result and even if you want environmentally friendly options, you have your choice.

For starters, let’s go over the five different basic methods to cleaning a carpet. You have the old fashioned way of simply shampooing, then there is dry cleaning, foam cleaning, bonnet cleaning and finally, steam cleaning. With each of these methods you need a good surface free of debris which means you should have your area vacuumed as best as possible. If you are dealing with a professional cleaning service, ask them about this step as it is crucial to getting a good clean.

Before talking about each aspect that a carpet cleaning will bring to the table, or the floor in this instance, you have to determine how much traffic this area sees as well as what the carpet is made of. The most cost efficient way to clean a rug with either commercial or residential products is to steam clean, however there are plenty of materials in carpets that will not hold up well under the jet of the hot water and detergent being sprayed out and then suctioned up.

Dry cleaning is usually the safest route on carpets because there is no liquid used in the process. Once again, after an area is thoroughly vacuumed there is a powder that is set out on the carpet that literally pulls out the remaining dirt and debris. This is effective in areas where the traffic is not high but it is certainly not thorough.

The other methods of foam and bonnet are more of a mixture of the other elements of dry cleaning or steam cleaning and some work best for commercial carpets only. Depending on the type of carpet, have a professional determine what is the best recommendation. There are also additional treatments that can be used in conjunction with this type of cleaning so that you can have deodorized or environmentally friendly products used.

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