How to get your tiled flooring details right

You and your spouse have finally decided to go with tile in Centerville and you are very pleased with your choice. The tile is beautiful, it matches the room perfectly and it will stand up to the test of time. Well, at least it will as soon as you can get it installed. There are a few things you will need to know before you purchase the tile. You will also need a few tools and supplies on hand in order to do the job properly.

Measuring Square Feet

When you are ordering tile for Centerville homes, you need to know how to measure accurately. The number of tiles to buy is usually figured out by the square feet of the room. To get the basic square foot measurement, you multiply the length of the room by the width. But how many rooms are ever just easy squares? You will also have to add in closets that need tiling or areas that stick out from your room measurements, such as an alcove.

Purchasing Tile

A representative at the store you are purchasing the tile in Centerville from will assist with measurements if you have trouble figuring out the correct amount. They can measure the tiles and then compare it to the square feet you need to finish your room. And it is best to always buy a few extra in case they crack, split wrong when cutting or have an oops and measured wrong.

Accessories with Tile Flooring

For the handy person who will be laying their own tile, you will need some other tools besides the tile and the grout. You will need to have a trowel to spread and smooth grout, a brush to add texture to it, spacers to place between the tiles, cloths or rags to wipe up the tile, and then cutters. Unless your room is perfectly square to match the tile sizes, there will be tiles that need cutting in order to fit in the room.
Tile cutters can be snippers that snap small tiles in half. Or there are larger cutters that require blades and look like a type of saw. The stone tiles like marble require a special saw blade that runs water over the blade to prevent it from breaking.

Other tools needed to install the floor correctly include a level and measuring stick. The tiles need to be accurately spaced so the floor looks even when you are done. The level will also help to know how far down to push the tile in to the grout so it remains level with the tiles next to it. Without the proper tools, the floor might come out looking sub-par!

Choosing tile in Centerville has never been easier. Visit the showroom at The Carpet Store to see all of the varieties they have available to fit your room.