Include These Items on a Maintenance List for Your St. Petersburg Home

Making a list of maintenance projects that can be performed at the beginning of each new season is a wise thing for homeowners to do. Here are a few items to include on your fall maintenance list.

The first thing you should to is care for shrubs and trees. You may want to hire a professional to perform this job. They will be able to spot signs of poor health to prevent the loss of trees and shrubs. Also, they know how to prune trees properly. This will prevent limbs from falling on your home during winter storms and causing damage.

While fall leaves look beautiful blanketing the ground, you don’t want to leave too many leaves in your yard over the winter. Take an hour or two and rake up the leaves during the fall.

Something else to add to your list is gutter cleaning in St. Petersburg. If the gutters are clogged during rain storms, this will cause water to pool. This can damage both the siding and the roof. Working with gutter cleaning St. Petersburg professionals at least one time per year is essential.

As you are working outside, look for signs of damage to your home. Pay attention to the foundation, siding, and roof. If necessary, take steps to make exterior repairs. You want to perform these needed repairs before winter arrives. Also, you should seal gaps where insects and rodents can enter the home.

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