Increase Productivity and Profits with Grain Dryers

by | May 17, 2013 | Construction and Maintenance

Farming as a full time job has never been an easy career choice, and with the recent economic downturn and struggles it’s more challenging than ever before to manage growth without losing money. Harsh and unpredictable weather as well as the use of outdated equipment can have a serious impact on crops and make it almost impossible to break even, let alone make a profit. With so many factors working against small family farmers, it’s more important than ever to find any and all small advantages to boost the odds in your favor, even if it’s just by a small percent. Grain Dryers Oregon is one way to save precious hours of labor and increase profit margins, and that’s something every farmer can use.

Grain crops like wheat, barley and rye are some of the most commonly used and consumed foods in the country, and are found in everything from cereals at the grocery store to dry pet food. As such, farmers who can consistently deliver high quality grain can depend on being able to sell their product, but they must also face the challenge of maintaining that quality while in storage. Grain-based crops tend to spoil easily, especially in high humidity weather, so keeping harvested wheat and grain dry is essential in order to preserve it in the best condition possible. In the past, farmers have relied on old-fashioned methods like drying by hand, but it’s a highly time consuming method that isn’t always effective. Using a grain dryer not only reduces the amount of hands-on time required from a worker, but it is also much more effective at drying almost all of the crop so that there is little to no excess moisture. This means that your crop will remain in the highest quality condition while in storage so that when it’s time to ship, your profits will remain high.

Working in the agricultural field is difficult and physically demanding, but using methods like Grain Dryers Oregon can save time, labor and money by performing the work that was formerly done by a person. Increase your operation’s odds of success by using a grain dryer, and you just might be surprised by the results.

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