Industrial Painting Contractors Are Not All the Same

by | Jul 25, 2019 | Painting

As a business owner, you value the condition of your building. In an industrial setting, this is even more important. When you need to hire industrial painting contractors, then, your primary goal should be to choose experienced, trusted professionals and commercial painters with experience in the specific types of materials you need adding. Whether it is garage floor coatings or surface protectants for various rooms, having a team in Jacksonville, you can rely on is essential.

What the Pros Can Offer

In an industrial setting, it is very important to protect all surfaces with protective solutions. This includes things like painting on the walls, coverings on the floors, and protections for the ceiling. At EPI Painting Inc, we provide a large range of options to help you to complete just about any need. Our goals include providing you with resources to protect your property and to ensure it can function at its best. Whether you have a wastewater treatment plant or a plant factor that is being renovated, we have the experience to ensure your project goes well.

We can offer, then, solutions for any type of property, including sandblasting, pipe coatings, and pressure washing. Our team also offers options such as epoxy flooring systems and heavy industrial solutions for some of the most difficult of situations. You may benefit from seamless flooring or urethane and automotive coating systems.

Now is the ideal time to learn more about how our commercial painters can help you. As experienced industrial painting contractors, we customize every project to meet your needs. This includes providing garage floor coatings in Jacksonville to minimize any damage to your property’s floor. Talk to us about options for any surface within your industrial space and how we can protect it for you.

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